There are five trends that advertisers need to be aware of for 2022, according to an article published on Forbes on Saturday.

1. Use video as it accounts for almost half of the time users spend on Facebook. Do not forget to add captions since, by default, videos in the feed are mute.

2. Focus on targeting mobile users as over 98% of users use the platform with their phones. Therefore, make sure your ads are suitable for mobile devices.

3. Do not forget about Facebook stories, as they can be used to gather potential customers.

4. Facebook Ads will continue to get more expensive, and the average cost per click is around $1.72. As a result, small businesses without large budgets need to ensure they get a return on their investment or look for other social media platforms.

5. Personalized ads are becoming more important as 80% of customers say they are more likely to buy if they see the marketing specifically directed at them. You should make ads that match a particular customer profile.


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