The coronavirus pandemic accelerated an already existing trend for retailers to move online.

According to Insider Intelligence/eMarketer, US total retail sales are trending each year upward as non-e-commerce retail sales slowly increase at a lower rate.

In 2019, there was over $4.8 trillion in non-e-commerce sales and nearly $0.6 trillion in e-commerce sales.

In 2020 e-commerce sales jumped to nearly $0.8 trillion, and non-e-commerce decreased slightly.

Then in 2021, e-commerce sales increased again to $0.9 trillion, and non-e-commerce sales increased to $5.5 trillion.

This year, according to Intelligence/eMarketer, e-commerce sales are projected to reach over $1 trillion, and non-e-commerce sales will increase only slightly from last year.

This trend is projected to continue, and by 2025, according to the report, e-commerce sales will reach $1.6 trillion, and non-e-commerce sales will grow to only around $5.7 trillion.

This data shows that the long-term e-commerce trend will keep growing faster than non-e-commerce traditional sales models.


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