Influencer marketing can quickly make a significant impact.

It is becoming more apparent that multiple posts by an influencer are necessary to get results, not just a single post, according to a report by Ceoworld Magazine on Monday.

Brands are making performance-based contracts with influencers to get paid based on results.

Videos are still the best medium to convey a message to potential customers. Videos continue to grow as a percentage of marketing to consumers, and a recent Biteable survey found that 68% of marketers see videos as outperforming Google ads.

Surveys show that micro-influencers have the highest engagement rates since they focus on specific interests. On the other hand, Nano-influencers, which are even smaller than micro-influencers, have even more authentic content and powerful influence on a particular community, according to the report.

While Instagram remains the preferred platform for influencer marketing, TikTok is catching up and is currently in second place.


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