Photo by Dima Solomin on Unsplash

Meta will remove the option to target advertising to teen users by gender beginning next month.

They’ll also make it impossible for marketers to send targeted advertising to under-18 users based on their in-app activities, such as who they follow on Instagram and which Facebook pages they like, reported Search Engine Land.

After implementing the modifications, personalized advertisements on Facebook and Instagram will only utilize a user’s age and location to evaluate relevance.

Facebook and Instagram will soon provide new limits for underage users (kids under the age of 13 are theoretically not permitted on such platforms). Teens will be given the opportunity to “see less” of a specific issue, influencing which adverts are served to them by the site.

Meta was fined 390 million euros ($414 million) this month by European Union regulators for illegally forcing customers to accept tailored adverts.


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