Investments by brands in influencer marketing is booming.

An article on the Financial Express website names five influencer marketing trends to be aware of for the fourth quarter this year.

1. The use of live streaming by influencers to chat with their followers is powerful. Live streaming on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok allows for a deeper relationship and an opportunity to build brand awareness with followers.

2. Video and audio content are great for organic reach. The influencer using the brand in video and audio can give your product a boost.

3. Influencers provide social proof for a brand and can demonstrate “your brand’s sincerity to its principles,” according to the report.

4. Famous influencers are becoming less important and micro-influencers are gaining relevance. Prospective customers that engage with an authentic influencer that they can identify with and trust can mean good results for your marketing campaign.

5. Influencers have changed the way they write captions, which creates trust with the consumer. Influencers can even make short comments that create an effect.


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