More than two-thirds of the US population and three-quarters of internet users visited YouTube monthly in 2021, according to Insider Intelligence/eMarketer.

More users viewed videos on YouTube last year (225.8 million) compared to Facebook (179.1 million). In addition, there were almost as many monthly YouTube viewers as TV viewers last year.

The exploding TikTok platform is taking viewers from YouTube. For example, among US teens, from ages 12 to 17, 87.6% will use YouTube monthly and 65.3% TikTok, according to Insider Intelligence/eMarketer.

In the 18 to 24 age group, 85.4% will use YouTube monthly compared to 73.9% for TikTok.

YouTube is growing at a much slower pace than TikTok.

However, according to the report, YouTube is still far ahead of TikTok in total users in every age group. In addition, YouTube will have over twice as many monthly users as TikTok this year.

Further, over half of children until age 11 will use YouTube compared to just 4.6% for TikTok.


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