Increase Conversion Rate
Increase your store's conversion rate

Your online store’s conversion rate doesn’t just depend on how fast it loads and if it’s mobile friendly. There are many other technical and psychological factors that can drastically hurt your conversion rate if not applied properly.

Make sure to read these tips in order to maximize your store’s potential!

Send Your Customers Straight To The Cart Page:

We don’t want our users to click on our “add to cart” button only for a small cart popup to appear and disappear after 3 seconds. We want them to checkout as fast as possible without any delays or interruptions. By transfering them straight to the cart page, we increase our chances to get a sale.

On most of the themes we used, ajax cart was set as default. Or a different kind of  popup cart. Make sure you change this option in the theme settings and transfer them to the cart page. You can also transfer them to the checkout page but we personally don’t use this option because some users get confused and leave. But you can always test it out and see what works best for you.

Keep Your Cart Page Clean:

Our cart page is clean and doesn’t show any upsells or related products. Now, don’t get me wrong – Upsells and related products feed work well and can increase your average order to get you much more profit from one customer. But in our case, we were losing much more than winning.

What actually happened is that our customers were checking the upsells or the different products and ended up without buying anything. By giving them an option to check out different products, they got lost in the process and left. This is why we decided to change our system.

Instead of offering upsells and showing them other products, we decided to clean our cart page and first get a sale. Once we had that customer in our pocket, it was much easier to sell him something else numerous times by using personal email marketing or simply by retargeting him with different products on Facebook and other platforms.

In the future, if we wanted to increase our AOV(Average Order Value), we offered bundles on our product page and made sure our ad clearly displayed our deal. For example: Buy our “Neon Shoes” and get this “Neon Hoodie” for 40% off! And of course displaying the products in our video or photo ads.

Don’t Give Your Customers Too Many Options:

By giving your customer too many options, he may really have a hard time to choose one. This is quite common with dropshippers who important products from aliexpress with a lot of variants. Instead of your customer spending 10 seconds reading and clicking on the “add to cart” button, he will be checking out all the colors and sizes or whatever options your product has. This is a big NO-NO and you’re going to lose a lot of customers to this.

Make sure to keep just a few relevant/popular variants available so your customer doesn’t get lost. A good read on the subject by Psychologist Barry Schwartz: The paradox of choice.

Offer Multiple Payment Gateways:

This might be obvious to some of you but there are a lot of people who have only one single payment option on their store. If you’re only accepting credit card payments, adding PayPal can substantially increase your conversion rate. Even if you don’t like PayPal and have bad history with this company, it’s not a valid reason to deny this option from your customers. Same goes if you’re only accepting PayPal.

In case you can’t offer any other checkout options, It’s best to let your customers know about it. For example: If you’re only accepting PayPal, you can let your customers know that they can checkout on PayPal without having an account there. Simply by checking out as a guest.

Or if you’re only accepting credit cards, you can always set up a followup email for the ones who haven’t completed the checkout and ask if the lack of payment options made them leave without buying. And if the customer replies back, you can work stuff out and hopefully get him to purchase from you.

Remind Your Customers About Your Store’s Deals:

If you’re running a FREE SHIPPING store, an announcement bar saying “FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS” isn’t enough. You need to constantly remind them about your free shipping promotion.

If he’s on your product page, make sure that “FREE SHIPPING” is written in your product title and description. When he goes to the cart page, make sure the text under the total price is saying something about FREE SHIPPING and not the regular “shipping and taxes calculated at checkout” text. This may cause confusion and you’re going to lose a potential customer.

Same goes with every other deal. You have to basically show it to your customers in every place possible on your store!

To Sum It Up:

You need to always think as a 1st time customer visiting your store. Everything needs to be organized in a logical way so that the buying process is quick and easy.

Make it easy for them to understand and the sales will follow!


  1. Great tips! My brother just got me interested in dropshipping and I’m excited to choose my first product and begin implementing everything I’m learning. Thanks again!


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